Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 47

Experiment 2 underway after the rain delay. Thanks for
all the help from Jessica, Ema, LeeAnn and, the one
taking the picture, Caleigh "The Cobra."

The sampling went smoothly. I don't even
have to watch!

This is adding the lake water back to the containers with
the sediment at the bottom. Ema was amazing! She came
up with a great idea to get the water in without disturbing
the sediment based on a watering can model - Making
Rain! It should be marketed! 

The concept: lots of little holes to let the water distribute
evenly over the sediment and come down slowly. So I pour
water onto this lid that has been poked with holes and then
pull up on the push pin to create a little air hole that lets
the water fall as rain! The sediment is barely disturbed! It's

Ema had to go to a polar bear safety
meeting so I had to do this process alone.
I used a siphoning tube to add water to the
top of the lid while pulling up the pin to
make it rain. I don't know if I could stress
how fantastic this process was!

Next was setting up the pool. And while we were water brigading,
I discovered a hole in the bottom of the pool. Just a small
one where it got scrapped up a bit, so I was able to duct tape
it up. I think all is good. I have a spare pool just in case,
but this seems to work!

With the polar bears around now, we decided to set the
pool up on the roof of the old building. It meant climbing a
lot of stairs with a lot of buckets of water, but I think it will be a
lot safer. 

Plus, I get to be on the roof! On the wall next to the
little hatch that opens to the roof, there is a scribbled message:
 "No one is allowed on roof under any circumstances,
that means you!" Hehe, except me!

It is set up and ready. It will now incubate for two nights to let the
algae re-establish itself in the containers and I will spike them
 on Tuesday! What a long day Tuesday will be.

As promised, bowling pics!
From left to right starting at the back: "Spare me," "Hand me
the ballz," "Knock 'em down," "Snake byte," "Puddle" and
"Gutter Ball"

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