Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 30: Storm chasers

Sorry about the late update, we were hit by a terrible thunderstorm last night that knocked out the internet, took down some power poles, took the roof off of a buildingin town, flooded some of the streets in town... It was an intense evening. And because I had taken a water sample in the morning before all of this rain, I ended up running out at 8:30 last night to take another set of water samples for the "during" sampling phase. It was between downpours of the storm, so I didn't get wet, but the mosquitos were something fierce and it was a lot of fun pretending to be a storm chaser as dark clouds rolled by.

Last night was also costume making night, so I have a costume for this morning's jump in the bay! Which I have to go to now so wish me warmth!

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