Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 60: Home

I realized today that CNSC has become my summer home. My home. The first month, I merely lived and worked here. Then one day, I found myself saying, after a long field day, "time to go home." What a strong word, home. Home is friends, comfort, safety, enjoyment. Home is stimulation and relaxation. Home is freedom to be myself. I have a home in Waterloo, still with people I love and miss and places and freedoms I love and miss. But I have discovered that I can have more than one home. I am happy in this home of the north.

Today, I lost one roommate of the two, so I now only have one, Krista. So we decided to expand and really unpack. We have been here for two months and have one more month to go, so why not unpack all our books and display the rocks and feathers and drift wood that we have collected this summer. We cleaned up - though we have been keeping pretty clean anyways, and we reorganized so we are no longer just visiting, we have moved in. And we have additional plans to place plants around the room and decorate it to our tastes. I love it. And I love it here. In many ways, I don't want to leave. So I will thoroughly enjoy August up here, in my home.

My little corner of home

My rock and feather collection

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