Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 43: Internetless

We lost internet last evening and it finally came back this evening. It is amazing how dependent I have become on the internet for my work and research, and just to stay connected to the world. I couldn't write a post yesterday, I couldn't check the forecast for today (which changes every 12 hours, so the last known forecast was already wrong), I couldn't check the barometric pressure to calibrate the YSI probe, I couldn't check email to see if LeeAnn had instructions since it was her day off today... I was completely disconnected from the world outside of the study centre. This isn't a big issue, just a small reflection. Which is good because I spent yesterday sleeping and reading. Except for the storm and going to yoga in town (Erin is back to teach yoga, I am so sore! I've never stretched that far before! I actually was able to grab around my toes and bend my elbows - ouch!), I really didn't have much to report.

Side note: I did see another caribou, which makes three so far! I'm going to have to have a caribou counter as well as a polar bear counter! So the first one I saw was in the fen with Krista, the second was at that morning sunrise to see Fiona and Valerie off, and the third was on the way back from yoga, running along Launch road, just a car length in front of us! And of course, I didn't have a camera!

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