Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 46: Moments

How do you define a moment?

Maybe a moment is just a small piece of time that can last a millisecond or a minute that we assign some sort of significance to and invest the memory towards. I have listed many moments of my life up here in Churchill, small snapshots of the experiments I've been helping to run, and the work others are doing up here. Maybe a moment is the thing we don't notice while it is happening, but in retrospect becomes the most important image, sound, emotion of the day?

One of today's moments: A giant orange moonrise opposite of the neon sunset while driving home (that was the first time I've called CNSC home...) after bowling.

Another moment: An arctic hare named Harvey the Hare was sitting across the parking lot so I knelt to take a picture. As I'm staring through the lens at this hare the size of a small dog, it bolts towards me! I didn't think it would stop, that it was going to barrel into me!

He stopped just a few feet in front of me.
Little bit of a demon hare with the flash.

Another moment: the event of bowling of which I didn't take any pictures, so you may have to wait a few days to see the amazing t-shirts I designed! The actual moments from this evening are the various dance breaks, the one strike I managed to make, and the posing with the science crew!

I would like opinions on the next idea. I started to work on the form of the podcast today and decided I wanted to come up with a name. This is what I think would work: Avioyok which is Inuit meaning "buzzing in ears." "You're listening to, listening, listening to, Av, Avioyok, Avioyok? Avi.. Avioyok, buzz, Avioyok, buzzing, buzzing in ears, buzzing in ears from Churchill, Churchill, Manitoba." Spliced together from a whole bunch of different people saying it, overlapping. If you have ever heard a Radiolab episode (this post is Radiolab heavy) they have a really cool title sequence that I want to emulate while being able to define the word. Any thoughts?

More Moments, these are defined by symmetry (the bonus track for making it this far in my blog post!):

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