Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 8: Causing trouble

Today's been a really lazy day (my day off!), with reading and listening to music, but I got some general reading done for the podcast. The interview below is really good and should help me with the interviewing portion of the podcasts. I still need to create a proper structure, but I'll save that for a day I feel more productive! Below is one of the best answers:
The Tech: "Finally, can you talk about your interviewing techniques, and how you deal with these scientists?"
Horgan: "If they’ve written books I try to read them. I’ll call their office and say I want to talk to them, and ask for suggestions for reading. Maybe they’ll send me papers, or refer me to papers or books. I also try to call people who have worked with them or in the same field or know them in some way and say, “What questions should I ask this guy to put him on the spot?” or, “Can you tell me a little bit about his background so I get a sense of where he or she is coming from before I meet them.” I try to act awestruck and very respectful and admiring to put them at their ease so they say things that they really regret later."

I love the last line! So devious.

Now for the causing trouble adventure: I got up late so I missed the greasy breakfast. Which is probably a good thing since I've been eating way too much lately. It's just so easy to eat when I don't have to cook it! So I made toast with peanut butter and banana. Well, I tried to make toast. I didn't notice that the toaster was set to really dark. So... I burned it! Not badly! It was still eatable, but it did set off the fire alarm about a minute after I took the toast out. So the fire alarm went off, and people started running everywhere, and the rumour got around that I burnt the toast. "At least I know what the alarm sounds like in the new building," said the CNSC director... great... I guess I'm good at causing trouble.

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