Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1: Snow!

At 4:00, I was awake saying tearful goodbyes. 8:00 I was in Toronto. 11:30 I was in Winnipeg. Since 5:00, I've been in Churchill!!

First little adventure: I was so proud of myself for getting all my random belongings into my suitcase and my backpack. I was not so proud when I got to the airport and found out that I was 15lbs over the limit on the checked baggage. I pulled out a Sobeys bag and started throwing stuff in. I had enough sense not to through in the liquids (shampoo etc.) but I guess the early wake up really didn't prepare me for the concept of not throwing my dissection kit into my carryon. I became a security threat! (Back to being a bit proud of myself!) Unfortunately, the security guards caught me trying to sneak onto the plane with a scalpel and took it from me along with the two pairs of scissors that can cut through anything. I had that dissection kit since first year! I'm upset that I wasn't thinking enough and lost it. Here's the funny thing though: The guard didn't take the spare surgical blades that are in the kit... so I still ended up on the plane with sharp objects in my possession and was still a security risk! Ahhh... security...

And then after a minor case of homesickness during a 4 hour layover in Winnipeg, I went back to being super excited!

It's 1C and there are still remnants of snow! SNOW! I haven't seen snow in months! I love snow! And the bay is still ice-covered with the ice matching the landscape with flat distance. Flying into Churchill, I saw that some of the lakes have already melted and the forecast tomorrow seems to be in the 20s - first day of summer in Churchill!

My dorm room in the old building - the furthest right milk cartons and the green bed on the left are mine. Let's see if I can keep it this neat!
I started meeting everyone on the research staff and have unpacked my things. I'm still staying in the old building for about two weeks, then we move into the fancy new one...

I was worried about getting my exercise, but with the new building ready, everyone is busy helping to move in. Which means that those arm muscles I've been building the last couple of months through climbing will be fully utilized helping to move a pile of wood, and then moving it again... and again... yea!

But I'm here! And that one hour difference is starting to get to me, that plus the 4 am wake up so time to try to sleep!
This is "Sur" the snowy owl. He will be popping up from time to time in my photos. He is here to give me hugs!


  1. Glad to see you and Sur both made it! Love the photos, it's funny how I can tell exactly which cubbies and bed are yours. Enjoy Atlas Shrugged :)

  2. Haha! I did describe the location of my stuff in the caption and double checked my right and left - but you could tell without reading the caption?