Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4: I put some new boots on

"Hey I put some new boots on and suddenly everything's alright!" - Paolo Nutini

I got two new pairs of rubber boots! One insulated and one just rubber. The insulated ones are glorious, especially in the weather we got today. 65km/hr wind gusts, 0C, snowing... Any of those factors alone would be fine, but together, it becomes a deadly combination! Very cold! But wading in insulated boots, at least I don't get wet or even feel the freezing water!

Saxifraga oppositifolia

Today, I did some more of the ITEX sampling with LeeAnn. We were looking for Dryas integrifolia, marking the date that the leaves turn green, and Saxifraga oppositifolia, marking the date of the first flowers, at the study sites. Saxifraga is a beautiful purple flower! As soon as the first warm day comes, the seemingly delicate, yet freeze and wind-tolerant, flowers bloom. Soon the Bear berries will bloom!

Left Lake panorama (LeeAnn introduced me to an amazing feature in photoshop! It can automatically create panoramas if you import the photos! "Photomerge"! It may change my life!)

Larch Lake panorama plus LeeAnn  (This lake is my baby!)
In the centre of this picture is the tube that we put the water level loggers into.

Strange panorama with LeeAnn (Dr. Stangelove is near the horizon.
It's the name of the boardwalk out into the lake where all the methane samplers are located.
I think it's rather fitting considering Churchill was once a bomb range.)

We also put in some of the data loggers that measure the water level of the lakes throughout the season. Unfortunately, the lake water in tubes that we have to put the loggers in are still frozen, even though the lake itself is no longer ice-covered. So we didn't deploy all the loggers today. For anyone using Hoboware, when you launch the logger, the data from any previous launches are erased and the memory cleared. This took a good 45 minutes to figure out, with me scratching my head wondering how to clear the memory!

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