Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 15: Fogged up

It's been a foggy cold day today, in more ways than just the dreary weather. The fog rolled in off of the Bay, which is now filled with packed ice floats and sweeping up the rocks with high tide.

My mind was fogged and slow the entire day, requiring direct orders and routine to get through the work. I was able to sample my pool again, but kept dropping the containers. Luckily no samples were lost! It does seem like the experiment is working because some of the containers that we spiked are looking fluffy with algal growth! I can't wait to see the water chemistry results to truly verify this.

Unfortunately, it wasn't foggy enough to cancle the helicopter, which I wasn't able to go on. Two weeks ago, my profs got my hopes up that I would be able to fly, and about a week ago, it was confirmed. Yesterday evening at dinner, after I was listening to how the two who had gone up that day had seen caribou and snow geese colonies and lakes that were just starting to form next to ones that were old and the landscape that was 80-90% water, I was told I wasn't going to go up in the chopper. I watched my prof fly off in my place this morning. I really wish I could have gone. Maybe someone will get mysteriously sick next time...? Sometimes I wish I were evil enough to actually make that happen, but I'm just too nice. I'll just try to convince the rain gods to make it pour until they decide that I can go in the chopper at which point the sun will come out and I will be in the sky!

Also foggy, the game. I went into town tonight to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, Vancouver vs Boston. The internet always cuts out when we try to watch a live feed at the Centre, so we went into town, which was part of the birthday celebration for the lucky prof that got to fly today. We went to the Seaport, which is probably the biggest bar in town and the local hang out. Now back to the fog. Anyone who has watched the game will know that the players of the losing team were in a fog, moving a little too slow, missing the passes, not taking the shots... The worst part was the cackling woman cheering for Boston in a bar full of Canuck fans. I've never heard a more annoying laugh, so loud in the large, vibrating room that it was impossible to hear the game over her cackling. I was tempted to ask her which player she liked the most, or if she could even name a player, because I suspected that she just wanted to upset everyone, not caring about the game itself.

And at this hour, I'm starting to feel the fog roll in on top of me again and think I need to get to sleep.

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