Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 79: Green Stems

 On July 30th, my roommate and I decided that we should properly move into the new building, after living in it for almost two months. So we unpacked our books, we arranged our rock collections, but something was still missing. Life. Green growing life. On August 3rd, we planted radishes from seeds left over from Vanessa's experiment to see if seaweed is a good fertilizer. She had plots with and with out seaweed, and the seaweed ones were obviously doing much better. I told her about Krista's and my desire for a plant so she hooked us up with seaweed and soil, the planting containers, and radish seeds. This is now 20 days later and they are so big and green.

August has flown by, watching these little guys grow. The second day already poking out of the ground, then a week later poking above the rim of the containers, and now healthy and adding new leaves. How has August gone by so quickly? 

Today, Celia left on the train. Originally, this would have been the day I would have left as well, but I decided a month ago that I would stay an extra week to see the grand opening. Now that is just a week away, the big party, the finale. 

How quickly time goes by, 
measured by the growth of green stems

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