Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 68: Snapshots

Today, I saw two red fox, a vole, a golden eagle, countless small fluttering birds and a wolf (too brief and far away for a picture), within the span of 20 minutes driving down Twin Lakes Road toward West Twin Lake to do the water sampling. I like being the first one in the field, the first to disturb the wildlife and the first to see it.

Today, I found some really bizarre looking algae at Coast Pond. Let's do an ink blot test. What do you see? I see green algae that has made some sort of enclosure to capture escaping gas, probably CO2, but that is just my nerdy side cracking through.

Today, I poked the abdomen of a female spider until the baby spiders crawled off so I could count how many there were for the Godwit team. I think I still have a bit of a fear, irrational but present, of spiders.

Today, I interviewed amphibian ecologist, Ben Cash. The landscape came to life with his words as only a true naturalist has the power to do.

Today, I interviewed a plover lover, Lisa - also my rocket climbing, firefly watching buddy. I wonder if the mismatch hypothesis might actually be a benefit to the species... Anne? I will ask her tomorrow. And I'm going to make you, dear and precious reader, wait a bit longer to even know what that means. Though I will give you a hint to go back to the post Research in Action.

Today, I discovered that I have a select number of days left in Churchill and that I am secretly, almost unconsciously and certainly regretfully counting them down. I am making a conscious effort to instead keep counting up.

Today, I only wish to give you a few snapshots, snacks of the stories that each hour here accumulates.

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