Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 67: Fix

A lot of fixes were had today.

Fix (n.): a compulsively sought dose of something

Fix #1:  I was waiting at the train today to pick up the foxy team, otherwise known as the team that studies fox, but foxy is faster. After having spent the time to make a lunch, prepared to wait two hours like I had on Thursday for the train to come in (when I got my fix on chips!) the train pulled in right on time! 10:30. Which made it difficult for me to run the errand assigned to me by Rosalind to pick up some liquor for a long island ice tea since the liquor store opens at 11. Luckily, the foxy crew had to run a few errands in town, talking to the helicopter pilot, getting some stuff from the Northern and picking up some bottles at the liquor store as well! After having failed to get everything on Rosalind's list last week, not noticing that there was a quantity number beside the items..., I am glad that I was able to get what she wanted this time. I got her fix! It's odd though. I've never bought liquor before, I've never bought alcohol stronger than whatever is in my mouthwash. Until today. And I had never bought meat or tobacco before Rosalind asked me to last week. Maybe Churchill has changed me? Definitely new experiences!

Fix #2: This is Sarah's fix. She is a volunteer at the Centre, but always manages to sneak out with the researchers, to Krista's equipment on the fen or to the bluffs with Anne and Lisa. Today, she did the science on a soil core by removing the oligochaetes, worms, and insects from the mud. Anne will count and identify them tomorrow. What a nerdy fix! I love it!

Fix #3: This one is mine. Mine is a fix that I've found hard to satisfy up here. I was able to once, on the bluffs, the pleasure of hands against rock and straining muscles to make it to the top. Climbing, that's my "dose of something." And today I got it! On the rocket! I went biking and climbing! I don't know how Sarah and Lisa put up with me...

Getting down was the hard part... I may have... kinda... fallen.

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