Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do something nerdy - be a citizen scientist!

Darlene Cavalier - Science Cheerleader

 DISCOVER magazine posted an article about an active community in citizen science. The article features the creator, Darlene Cavalier, of a website,,  that promotes the involvement of normal people in real discovery, real science! The website has its origins as a database, but since expanding to become the citizen science hub where everyday non-scientists can join in the research of scientists!

The citizen science group that I was most aware of from Churchill was EarthWatch which does a lot of hands on research work all over the world to help scientists with more of the long term monitoring types of sciences, such as dendrochronology (remember this post from the summer?) and wetland monitoring. 

It's a great way to get involved with science, especially if you have a different background. It's also a great vacation idea or weekend out idea! So get out there, be a citizen scientist!

Thanks LeeAnn for passing this on!


  1. Thanks, Kaleigh (and LeeAnn)! Glad you like the piece and the concept of "citizen science." Jump in and get started whenever you want to. Plenty of opportunities!
    If you come across projects we don't have in teh database yet, please pass them along (or, we're looking for researchers/writers if you're interested!).
    Thanks again for sharing this with your readers.
    Take care,

  2. Thanks Darlene! I love your community around citizen science and I love your Science Cheerleaders initiative! I'm glad to share!